Heel and Toe Children’s Charity, based in Durham, is celebrating after receiving a £300 donation from the GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund.

Amanda Tweedy, Development and Fundraising Officer says: “We have recently purchased a new centre in Pelton, where we hope to open a new specialist gym. This donation from the GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund will enable us to purchase a treadmill with an easily adapted harness to help children work on their mobility.”

GALAXY Hot Chocolate is looking to help small, local community groups and charities across the UK and Ireland by donating cash awards to support warm hearted people and projects.

Michelle Frost, spokeswoman for GALAXY Hot Chocolate said yesterday: “We know that across the UK and Ireland smaller charities and groups struggle to make ends meet despite the efforts of a huge number of warm hearted volunteers.

“The GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund aims to give them a helping hand and hopefully inspire more people to get involved with local community groups.”

Open for entries until February 23 2015, the Fund will distribute five £300 awards to deserving recipients every week.  Applications to the fund can be made on the GALAXY Hot Chocolate website www.galaxyhotchocolate.com.

GALAXY hot chocolate offers the smooth creamy taste of GALAXY chocolate in a heart-warming drink.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us. 

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