After many varied weather reports we finally managed to re-schedule the sponsored skydive last week.

On Thursday the team from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors braved the skies and took the plunge from 10,000 feet to raise funds for our charity. The team felt a mixture of emotions from being terrified to very excited, but each one of them braved the jump and felt a massive sense of achievement afterwards. Well done to; Chris, Gregory, Jenna, Danielle, Melissa, Jenna and Jade.

irwin-mitchell-group-shot-in-cafe    irwin-mitchell-girls  irwin-mitchell-boys


On Sunday the rest of our skydive team got themselves prepared for their jump (after the rain finally stopped and the sun came out that is). Alan, Ian and Karen were thrilled to have completed their jump and Karen, who was raising funds for her son James (who comes to Heel & Toe Charity for therapy) was quite nervous before the jump;

I am terrified at the thought of jumping out of a plane, I don’t think its a rational or sane thing to do and I think people who do this for fun secretly have a death wish. But to raise money for this charity it will hopefully be worth it, they do so much for my boy’.



Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Skydive. We are very proud of you all. It’s not easy to prepare yourself to jump out of a plane for charity, but when you meet the fantastic children at the Heel & Toe centre, you will understand how important it is that funds are raised to ensure their therapy service continues.

If you would like to fundraise for Heel & Toe Charity or would like to come and visit us to see the great work we do, please contact our team. Call 0191 3868606 or email: