Meet Heel & Toe Children Charity’s Success Stories

This is the page dedicated to the children who have successfully accomplished their therapy goals, and so have been discharged by Heel and Toe. Children are always welcomed back if or when new therapy goals are required, or if carers or family feel they need further help from Heel and Toe.

Heel & Toe Children's Charity Alex Arnott
Meet Alex
Meet Alumbeni
Meet Amber
Meet Amelie B
Meet Amelie D
Meet Amelie H
Meet April
Meet Asim
Meet Aysha
Meet Charlie
Charlotte C
Meet Charlotte
Meet Connor
Meet Dexter
Meet Dylan
Meet Ella
Meet Emily
Meet Ethan F
Meet Ethan L
Meet Eve
Meet Evie
Meet Harley
Meet Harry
Meet Harrison
Meet Hooriya
Meet Jake t
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Heel and Toe - Owen S
Meet Owen
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Meet Phillip S
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Meet Robert
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Meet Tilly
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