Speech & Language Therapy

Heel and Toe Children’s Charity believe that communication is key.  The ability to communicate is a right of every individual.  It is vital that each student be given the opportunity to communicate through their best means possible.  For some children, this will mean using a picture-based communication system, while for others, it will mean using words and sentences to express their thoughts, wants, and needs.

In addition to addressing the communication needs of a children, our speech and language therapist can also address concerns regarding unclear speech or difficulty with specific speech sounds.  Therapy services can also address concerns related to the understanding of and use of language.

Speech and language therapy services are delivered using a client centred approach.  Play and games are often used to ensure the treatment session is fun and engaging for the child.  The treatment programmes are designed with the child’s daily routine and family life in mind.  Advice and resources will be provided when appropriate to family members.

Therapy services can be delivered in the home, educational setting, or at the Heel and Toe centre.  Contact Heel and Toe to book an assessment.

Speech and Language Therapy is £90 per hour; Heel and Toe contribute £30, so donations/contributions are required of £60.

Heel and Toe offer innovative joint physiotherapy with speech and language therapy. These sessions lead to amazing progress in both physical and communication skills and are super fun! Lyra loves coming to see Sarah and Whitney together and has come on hugely since starting these sessions. These days it’s hard to get her to be quiet! – Barbara, Mum to Lyra.

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