Massage and Movement Therapy

Massage and Movement Therapy sessions are delivered by a fully qualified therapist and consist of a 1 hour session working on the child’s chest and tummy, back, arms, hands legs and feet.

Massage Therapy involves the manipulation of soft body tissue, targeting muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, lymphatic vessels and organs; it is particularly beneficial for children with physical disabilities and having regular sessions can help to improve muscle function allowing better circulation, greater ease and wider range of movement as well as:

  • increasing the flow of oxygen around the body
  • regulating muscle tone which in turn develops fine/gross motor stimulation
  • encouraging muscle flexibility
  • reduce spasticity
  • alleviates gastro-intestinal tract distress
  • opens airways to aid reflux
  • regulates digestive system
  • regulates respiratory system
  • stimulates the nervous system
  • helps to regulate hyper or hypo sensitivity develops awareness and co-ordination

Movement and Massage Therapy sessions can only be accessed via an initial assessment.

To book an assessment for your child please contact our Reception on 0191 3868606.

“Elliott has been attending massage and movement for a couple of months. This is an excellent session which benefits his physical and sensory needs. His movement has improved and he is always very happy before, during and after the session. Highly recommended”.

Hazel - Parent to Ethan