Irwin Mitchell

We’ve supported the valuable work of Heel & Toe and Heel & Toe families for over 10 years. We’re proud to be a longstanding supporter and we’re here to provide legal and financial support to help you and your family.

Through our legal work at Irwin Mitchell, we understand that if your child lives with a disability or has suffered from a serious injury or illness, the emotional and physical impact can be life changing. We can help you access the best medical care, rehabilitation and support.

As the largest dedicated medical negligence law firm in the North East, our specialist medical negligence team has many years of experience in cases involving birth injury including cerebral palsy.

We’ve supported families for many years, and we understand how concerned you may be about what happened – you may have questions and want some answers. You may worry about the future including the level of care and support your child has or is receiving. We can offer help and advice every step of the way. All families should have access to the right legal and financial support to ensure their child’s needs are addressed.

Our expert legal and financial teams offer guidance and advice on a wide range of areas including:

  • Medical negligence including birth injuries, cerebral palsy and maternal injuries
  • Education and healthcare plans
  • Deputyships and Trusts
  • Family law
  • Welfare benefits guidance and advice
  • Future planning including financial assessments.

We also have dedicated Support & Rehabilitation Coordinators (SRCs) available to provide additional advice and support to all of our clients which is completely free of charge. Our SRCs provide links to local support networks and offer practical day-to-day advice for you and your family.

You can find out more about how we can support you and your family here or by visiting

We always offer free initial advice and will talk through your legal options so you can make an informed choice about how you wish to move forward.

We’re members of the Law Society, Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and APIL Clinical Negligence accredited panels. We’re also one of a select group of law firms who hold a Legal Aid Franchise to support funding of cases in birth injury claims. This means you’ll receive full funding for an investigation into your case, and subsequent legal representation.

Contact us for a free no obligation chat to find out how we can help you and your family.

Sarah Coles - Partner

Sarah Coles, Partner


Contact: 0800 023 2233 (freephone) or 07423 430 280

“As head of Newcastle’s medical negligence team, I am so proud to support the amazing work of Heel & Toe and provide the necessary legal advice to the families, parents and carers. At Irwin Mitchell, we’ve worked with Heel & Toe for over 10 years and remain committed to the strong partnership we’ve built together. My team, including Samuel, Alexis and Lindsay, will stop at nothing to ensure all avenues are explored and families get the answers needed.”

Sarah Coles - Partner, Irwin Mitchell

Slater and Gordon

The impact Heel and Toe has had in our region is magnificent and we could not be prouder to be their partner, providing expert legal support and guidance to families - helping to get support for rehabilitation, therapy and care. 

Slater and Gordon are leading specialists at providing support to children and families affected by cerebral palsy. We have an award-winning team of lawyers with decades of experience in obtaining funding for and arranging life-changing rehabilitation and support arrangements.

As well as highly accredited lawyers, we also employ specialist midwives and nurses and work with the best independent experts in paediatrics, psychology, care, occupational therapy, education and care in order to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved every time.

We have an acknowledged national presence with skills and experience drawn from all around the country. Our presence in the North-East is growing exponentially led by Ben Gent, who is described in the Legal 500 as an excellent lawyer who cannot do enough for his clients and APIL Senior Litigator, John Lowther and supported nationally by Solicitor-Advocate Emma Doughty, who is a Law Society accredited expert in clinical litigation.

Through our local and national connections, we have skills and expertise that help us achieve the very best outcomes for our clients and we are very passionate about the work we do. We have repeatedly witnessed the difference that rehabilitation and support can make to a child’s life and wellbeing and to that of their families.

Our aim is always to obtain funding as early as possible, ensure the best therapy is obtained and seek the maximum level of support to help our clients thrive.

We are committed to access to justice and, due to our acknowledged expertise, are able to obtain legal aid, as well as undertake work on a ‘no win, no fee’ and, on occasion, pro-bono basis.

Slater and Gordon are a genuinely specialist law firm that advise individuals about their rights. We do not advise business. We advise people who have suffered injury through negligence as to how they can obtain the help they require (and fight to assist them in getting it!).

We also offer complimentary services in employment law, family matters, welfare benefits, wills, trusts, tax & probate and work with leading independent financial advisors.

We are happy to speak with families who want to discuss legal issues informally.

We would love to help.

Ben Gent, Principal Lawyer


Telephone: 0330 995 5130



“I am a great admirer of the work done by Heel & Toe and it is a huge privilege to enable families to investigate concerns about their medical care, and achieve accountability and ultimately long term financial support”.


Ben Gent - Principal Lawyer, Slater and Gordon