Intensive Block Sessions

Block Therapy Session – Lyra P

During school holidays we are able to provide intensive physiotherapy blocks for babies and children with a wide range of neurological conditions. These blocks currently take place during every school holiday apart from Christmas and Easter week.

Blocks are a great way to really focus on your child’s physiotherapy goals. With 2 hour sessions per day for a week, we really see many children making great progress over the block. These blocks give your child the opportunity to work hard, and focus on their therapy.

If you are new to Heel and Toe, you will be asked, where possible,  to attend an assessment to ascertain your child’s requirements, set goals and assess potential benefit from the intensive blocks. Where travelling distance makes an assessment impossible, a therapist will discuss your requirements over the phone prior to booking a block for you, and the assessment can be carried out on the first day of the block.

Each block will then work towards defined goals that are specific to your child. A therapy programme will be designed around your child’s needs, and you will be advised of any exercises or activities that would be beneficial for your child to continue with at home. Under supervision of one of our team, you will be encouraged to try these exercises with your child in the sessions and allowed to video them so it is easy to remember.


Most children attend daily for 2 hours (this includes a short break in the middle of the session for a drink and a snack).  Occasionally, you may be advised that a shorter block may be more beneficial for your child.

Intensive block therapy sessions cost £600 for 10 hours (2 hours daily over a 5 day week).

We do offer a wide range of activities for you and your family or friends to take part in to help with the fundraising of this cost.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Lyra is 4 years old and has weekly sessions with Sarah and 2 hour block sessions daily in the holidays. Sarah is very skilful at “tricking” Lyra into trying her absolute hardest while making her believe she is just playing. Lyra is happy and excited to visit Heel and Toe every week and leaves mummy in reception to dash into play. The progress which Lyra has made since starting physiotherapy with Sarah has been outstanding. She is stronger, more flexible and importantly, increasing in confidence. The tools and equipment available at Heel and Toe are innovative and challenging. Lyra is building up her confidence in using the treadmill and physio swing. The best bonus of the physiotherapy sessions at Heel and Toe is that they actually lead to Lyra talking more and more, the physical stimulation means her communication comes on more and more.  Sarah works with the parents and the NHS external teams and school professionals to ensure a cohesive strategy is in place for your child – Barbara, Mum to Lyra.

Barbara - Lyra's Mum, Intensive Block Therapy

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