Heel and Toe are extremely proud to offer FREE hippotherapy sessions. Hippotherapy also known as equine facilitated physiotherapy as part of our therapy offer.  This unique therapy utilises the movement of a horse or pony to stimulate and challenge the riders balance, tone, muscles, sensory and vestibular systems to promote motor learning.  We offer hippotherapy in partnership with Washington Riding centre, where the sessions are held.

In 2022 we conducted a pilot study, where 18 children received hippotherapy, and their outcomes were recorded in a variety of ways. We found that hippotherapy overwhelmingly promotes motor learning all the children who took part, irrespective of how much their condition affected them.  Results were particularly positive in younger children with complex disabilities, as well as those working on balance with emerging walking skills.

Who can access hippotherapy?

Children with a wide range of challenges and diagnoses can benefit from hippotherapy, including Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay, genetic conditions, downs syndrome, coordination disorders, neuromuscular conditions amongst others.

Our specialist physiotherapist will assess your child in our clinic to ensure they will benefit from hippotherapy and that this is safe for your child.

What are the benefits of hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy has been shown to have benefits across a range of areas including:

  • Head control
  • Postural control
  • Normalising Tone
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Endurance
  • Control
  • Symmetry
  • Communication
  • Participation

They really enjoyed taking part and by the end of the 6 week session his posture has definitely improved.

Parent, Hippotherapy Session

He is now able to sit up straight with his legs crossed and seems to be putting weight equally on both sides. To see him enjoy the therapy and have fun means the world.

Parent, Hippotherapy Session

Most children thoroughly enjoy hippotherapy and therefore it can really help with compliance with therapy.

Costs – For new parents, an initial Physiotherapy assessment will be required. Costings from £155.

We are delighted that sessions are fully subsidised through our fundraising efforts.

To access Hippotherapy, Physiotherapy or Hydrotherapy your child will only need one Physiotherapy Assessment. They will not need an assessment for each type of therapy.

If you feel hippotherapy would benefit your child please contact us.