CIMT ( Constraint induced movement therapy) is a therapy approach which aims to improve the hand and arm function of children with hemiplegia ( weakness on one side of the body). Children with hemiplegia tend to use their less affected hand to perform all activities, making it difficult for them to use their affected hand or both hands together.

How does it work?

CIMT was developed by Edward Taub and his team of researchers at the university of Alabama. They coined the term ‘learned non -use’, where a weaker arm becomes weaker and weaker through not being used, and the unaffected arm becomes more and more dominant, inhibiting the movement in the weaker upper limb. Through constraining the unaffected arm by using a plaster, mitt bandage or sling, neural connections are able to develop in the brain, making the affected arm more functional.

At Heel and Toe, we use a bandage to constrain the unaffected side, encouraging activity in the affected arm.  We use fun engaging activities and facilitation techniques to encourage active movement and control to the affected arm.  CIMT is carried out over 1 week, with treatment carried out for 2 hours every day. Goals are discussed on initial assessment, and reviewed on the final day.  You will be asked to keep your childs bandage on for the full day. You will be advised of any exercises or activities that would be beneficial for your child to continue with.  You will be encouraged to try these exercises with your child and to video them so it is easy to remember.


Most children attend daily for 2 hours ( this includes a short break in the middle of the session for a drink and a snack).  Occasionally, you may be advised that a shorter block may be more beneficial for your child.

Intensive block therapy sessions cost £600 for 2 hours daily over a 5 day week.

We do offer a wide range of activities for you and your family or friends to take part in to help with the fundraising of the cost.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

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