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Child’s Name: Ethan F

Child’s Condition:  Mild Right-sided Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: April 2015

Struggled to reach milestones, parent sought advice, diagnosed at 4 years old with mild hemi CP and hypermobility

Receives: Conductive Ed

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Ethan ‘s Story

Ethan’s disability means he gets tired easily and quickly. Activities such as swimming and cycling are difficult for him, requiring more strength and determination, but he gets anxious and over emotional at times, especially when he thinks that there is no one else like him.

Being at Heel and Toe and working with a small group of similar ability children has helped Ethan to realise that there are other children with similar needs, that he is not alone. It has helped him to make new friends as he was very quiet to begin with.

He enjoys playing with Lego and helping his parents on their radio station, leading him to wanting to be a DJ or an entertainer of some sort when he is older. He enjoys the variety of games that are played in his Heel and Toe session.

Ethan is an amazing DJ, and a good brother. He is also a keen skier, and enjoys going to cubs on a weekly basis. Ethan also attends street dancing, and is going to be performing in a pantomime  in the near future.

A Message From Ethan’s Parents

We would like to thank Heel and Toe for all you’ve done for Ethan since he started attending the Friday sessions. It has been great for Ethan to meet other children with similar needs. We think you do a fantastic job but for Ethan it’s not working out at the moment. Staff changes and the size of the group haven’t helped either.

Throughout the week Ethan attends after school dance, racket sports, and cubs. We try to keep him as active and sociable as possible. When he attended Heel and Toe it was a whole afternoon out of class and now he’s in Year 4 he is missing out on so much more.

We also have the problem that we only have one car and Ethan has 2 older brothers so that in itself caused complications.

If, in the future, your outreach project can reach out to people further away then of course we would be very interested.Also if you have any suggestions of specific games or exercises that we could do with Ethan at home then we would gladly do them.

Ethan’s dance teacher is still hoping to fundraise for Heel and Toe in the future.

Thank you again

Debbie and Nigel Fletcher