Amelie’s Story

Amélie has been doing CE with Nelli. This involves stretches, massages, standing exercises, high kneeling exercises, 4 point kneeling exercises, all with songs and games and toys thrown in! So far, there have been different exercises every week, making this a really fun experience and not at all repetitive! Amélie works very hard and has made big progress already.

Heel & Toe has given us new, fun, activities to try at home and has given us hope of what can be achieved in the future! It’s nice to know there are people who can support Amélie. Previously, Amélie only saw her physio every few weeks and it was difficult to make progress. Seeing Nelli every week has really helped.

Amélie loves seeing herself do new and clever things in the big mirror at Heel & Toe. She loves dancing along to Strictly, especially the lifts and twirls!! She enjoys swimming and bouncing on a trampoline! She wants to learn how to crawl and learn how to walk, and the exercises at Heel & Toe help her learn how to do this and also show her how fun it would be to do these things and explore the world!!