Guest Blogger – Kaye

Hi everyone, my name is Kaye and I am sitting here attempting to write a blog whilst picking up mess, making lunch and seeing to a one-year old boy (multi-tasking has become my forte in the last twelve months I tell you!).  I am a self-employed, stay at home mam and love every second of it (I take that back, I’ve just had a soggy biscuit thrown at me!).

What is Cheeki Monkeys?

Working from home is new to me as I’ve just set up the franchise of Cheeki Monkeys in Gateshead.  I am running a monthly pre-loved baby and child event and am hoping to use this event to raise money and awareness for Heel & Toe.  I have known about Heel & Toe for years as my friends both work there and it is an amazing charity.  I know how hard it is to raise money for charities after working in charitable organisations myself so I’m hoping to help as much as I can.

Why Did I Decide To Buy The Franchise?

A year ago, my partner and I went to hospital after I noticed I hadn’t felt any kicks after days of being in slow labour, ouch.  Once in hospital I was whipped down to theatre and within minutes he was born, my little bundle of joy!  He is a funny little character and the reason I have set up my business.  We aren’t expecting to have another child so I want to spend as much time as possible with him before he ventures into a world of nursery and school, it’ll be here in the blink of an eye. Working from home gives me the opportunity to be with my little dude and lets me give something back to the local community at the same time.

Cheeki Monkeys supports local charity

I’m so excited about working in the community again, speaking to adults and having normal conversation instead of my usual “gaga goo goo” craic! It’ll be great fun supporting Heel & Toe, as well as local businesses and local people who want to come and buy/sell kids items.  It can be difficult for parents having to purchase much needed items on a low budget so hopefully people will be able to afford the pre-loved clothes and toys that are available at my events.  When I was young my mother always took us to local churches/community centres for table-top sales and we loved it!  It’s amazing what you could get for 50p in the Eighties!

Event Details

Come along to pick up some great pre-loved items and support a great local charity.

The first event will be at Gateshead Leisure Centre on Saturday 14th April 11-1pm.  Heel & Toe will be running a monthly ‘swap shop’ style stall, swapping essential equipment for children and also running a teddy raffle.  I will be the person on the entrance door drinking coffee and eyeing up the cakes and sweets, please come and say hello if you are there!  Right, I’d better stop now as I have a small child pulling at my leg and there’s a strange ‘whiff’ going on, definitely time to start multi-tasking again!  Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Kaye, Cheeki Monkeys Gateshead.