Hello everyone and welcome to my second blog post.

I love to be creative and make things and I also like to be creative when writing because I love to write stories.


At school I am doing my  GCSE’s in year 11 and one of my favourite lessons that I enjoy is textiles. Something that I am proud of making in textiles is an elephant cuddly toy. It was enjoyable and fun project.

I even personalized my elephant by sewing a felt C for ‘Chloe’ onto it’s body.

Also I am currently making a dress. Top/bodice of the dress is going to be made of a white fabric which would have lace sew on top of it / overlay.

In the image above I am pinning my white fabric pieces (that are already to size) to the lace. Then I would draw around each piece. This method will help me because I then know that each piece of both types of fabric will be cut out accurately and the same size. I can also say that I am finding this project enjoyable and fun.

Love Chloe xx