Hi I am Chloe, I am 15 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy. Welcome to my blog for Heel & Toe Charity.

I was born early at 30 weeks because of this I have Cerebral Palsy. For me having Cerebral Palsy effects my movement which is mainly focusing on my lower limbs. To get around I depend on a wheelchair as I cannot walk. Cerebral Palsy also effects my fine motor skills such as writing because I struggle to write for a long period of time. However, to help with this difficulty at school I have the help of a scribe in lessons and exams.

I  have defiantly realised that as I become older I have begun to see myself becoming more confident and independent such as when I go shopping with my mam I am able to go around the shops by myself and do my own shopping whilst my mam does her shopping. I now don’t mind asking shop staff or other costumers to help me reach something on a high shelf which I believe in situations like this I am shown to be not shy and more confident.

I love to go places such as to the beach and for meals out with the family. My favourite beach is South Shields because not only is there a beach there is a pleasure park with arcades, food vans and rides. I love the adrenaline rush of rides.

I also love to go to Beamish Museum because I enjoy history. It is set out like a realistic, Victorian village of the past. You have the opportunity to take a look around Victorian houses. However, the majority of the houses have poor accessibility to accommodate a wheelchair. Because of this I think that Beamish Museum could improve on more disabled access.

Do you have any stories about places to visit if you have a disability? You can get in touch with me via Twitter @HeelToeCharity

I will be bringing you my stories and experiences in my blog every few weeks.

To help raise funds for the charity I also make charm bracelets which can be found on the charity merchandise page CLICK HERE.

Much Love,