Performing Arts

I am currently in year 11 at school and I have chosen to do Performing Arts at GCSE level. I really like taking part in Performing Arts because I believe it helps your creativity and confidence grow.

My favourite performance that I have been involved in so far is when I played the part of a scientist and I had my own time machine. From doing this performance I have learnt that mistakes can sometimes lead you to being successful. This is because during the performance I crashed when trying to enter the time machine. In fact I crashed more than once! However, I feel that I managed to remain confident and continued to act where I adapted to my mistake. As a result, I found that surprisingly the audience really liked this part so I am pleased for my mistake.

Additionally, my target grade for GCSE Performing Arts is a D and I hope to fulfill this before I transition to college. Adding to this I hope to excel my skills of acting in college. I especially look forward to going to college because I will make lots of new friends.


Consequently, I find that when writing about a performance that I have acted in I can find this task hard. I think this is because I feel that I can struggle when self-evaluating. However, I will continue to work hard to improve this.

When the time came for my very first audition I was ecstatic  because the audition was held in Newcastle for CBBC’S The Dumping Ground! I was ecstatic because The Dumping Ground is one of my favourite TV shows. The role that I had to play for the audition was the character role of a young girl who was also disabled and was reliant on a  wheelchair to get around. She was even called Chloe too. Just like me! I  think that the experience of the audition was incredible because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. One day I would absolutely love to be on the television.


I have recently joined  The Pauline Quirke  Academy  on a Saturday, 9:45am-1:00pm and I am in Red group which means that I am mixing with other people of my age group.

I do three workshops. They include Theatre, Comedy And Drama and Dance. I also do a warm up at the beginning of the day which I enjoy doing as the dancing makes me happy and ready to have some fun. Even the staff join in with the warm up and I think that this is cool because it makes me laugh and smile to see them jumping around. I really love going because the staff and other people who I mix with are so friendly, caring  and look out for you. I have made lots of new friends due to going to The Pauline Quirke Academy such as Leon, Philip, Jordanna and Joe.


On Saturday, 30th of January 2016 I received a POW award which stands for “Performer Of The Week!” I was extremely happy and surprised because the first time that I attended was on the 16th of January 2016!

That’s all from me for now Thanks for reading my latest blog and don’t forget to support Heel & Toe Charity in any way you can. If it wasn’t for my sessions at the charity, I wouldn’t have half the confidence and movement I now have when performing.

Much Love, Chloe xx