Conductive Education

Here at Heel and Toe we provide sessions based upon the principles of Conductive Education.

Conductive Education is a system that believes everyone has the capability to learn and develop. It is designed for children with neurological motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy.

“Ask me not what I can do for the children with cerebral palsy but ask me what they can learn to do for themselves” (Dr Andras Peto).

Conductive Education’s method of learning was first developed for a school setting but has been adapted at Heel and Toe for group and individual session for children with neurological motor disorders. It’s structured programmes are developed to enable success. These sessions provides the following benefits:

  • Improves mobility, which in turn allows the children to live more independently
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops independence
  • Teaches daily living skills, e.g. dressing, eating and personal hygiene
  • Improves social/verbalisation skills.

Conductive Education Sessions:

Conductive Education is a holistic way of teaching your child play skills. The sessions are all about active learning and sessions are usually in groups and combine education, psychology and physical tasks.

The session will follow a routine of various tasks and activities carried out in different positions. For example, lying, sitting and standing and walking and provide various motivations to encourage your child to participate in the activity. We will differentiate the tasks in the group in order for your child to achieve.

We will use Rhythmical Intention, which is a type of language we use in Conductive Education to support a task or activity. We may use repeated words, counting or singing to do this.

At Heel and Toe we will use various forms of Facilitation techniques, such as verbal prompts, the right physical guidance and support for your child to reach their goals.

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