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Your child’s first appointment

From the first telephone call we will strive to make your an experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

To begin with your child will be offered a preliminary assessment by one of our Highly Specialist Paediatric Therapists. You can choose to have the assessment at our clinic, school, at home or another setting. Our assessment usually takes an hour but may vary depending on the nature of the concern.

The therapist will complete a thorough assessment where you will be asked about your concerns for the child. This will include a discussion about the history of the problem and how it is impacting on the child. A physical examination will follow. Our Therapists ensure that the assessment is done in a friendly and relaxed manner and mostly it is fun for the child.

From this assessment our Therapists will decide what treatment is needed, if any, and how best to move forward. Our Therapists do not have protocol for how to treat a child as each child is individual therefore any treatment plan is designed specifically to meet that child’s needs.

If it is decided that the child would benefit from a course of therapy then our therapist will discuss what they feel the aims of the treatment should be. This will be discussed with the parents/carers and agreed long and short term goals will be set. These goals will be reviewed and discussed on a regular basis.

Depending on the child’s and families needs we can offer weekly to monthly ongoing treatment or intensive blocks. Our weekly sessions are 30-60 minutes long depending on the condition of the child.

If your child has a NHS Physiotherapist we always strive to work closely with them to help achieve the child’s goals.

You will find out the results of the assessment on the day and the written report will be sent to you by post. Your child may be eligible to free Conductive Education or subsidised therapies. We also work with you to subsidise the full amount of your child’s therapy, meaning all services and therapies can be 100% free for your child.

Assessment Fees

Conductive Education Assessment: FREE

SEN Tutoring Assessment: £25 (£10 H&T contribution, £15 family contribution)

Speech and Language Assessment: £90 (£30 H&T contribution, £60 family contribution)

Physiotherapy Assessment: £90 (£30 H&T contribution, £60 family contribution)

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