This week’s Blog has been written by Darren Grooms – Managing Director at Starkold Building Service. Darren has just completed a phenomenal challenge, spurred on by our very own young Ambassador – Chloe Hammond.


Darren Tell Us What You Did…

Well on the Sunday 18th August at 20.45 pm, I took to the start line for the 2019 PBP (Paris Brest Paris) and joined by 7,800 riders from all over the world for this epic event.

I cycled through the first night with a steady pace into the next day where after a couple of hours the wind and the hills kicked in and slowed me down considerably.

Continuing to ride through the day and the next night I eventually came to a stop for about 3 hours sleep, after riding over 32 hours non stop.

I perked up a bit, and continued to Brest through the day and next night.

At the 900 km point I managed to slip and pull my Achilles so from that point on-wards, if I wasn’t in enough pain already, I was pretty much down and out.

I then tried to continue in 34 degrees and more hills, I managed to break another long hilly cold night and into the final day where I limped across the line at Rambouillet in 89 hours 19 minutes (90 hours, been the cut-off time) so plenty of time to spare !!

Darren’s Inspiration…

Heel & Toe’s Young Ambassador – Chloe Hammond

At last years Charity Ball, I did have a quick word with Chloe and at the end of the conversation, I did tell her I was going to try and do something pretty impressive,  monumentally tough, and take on an endurance event that would indeed test me to my limits.

Chloe – I was passed my limit at 900km and there we have it !!!

I am also looking to get my original jersey, medal, and race plate framed and ready for auction at the Heel & Toe Charity Ball in November 2019.

Darren has managed to raise a grand total of £1,150 for Heel & Toe Children’s Charity. Well Done Darren!

If you have taken on a challenge for Heel & Toe Charity, let us know all about it.

We will post your challenge on our blog, Email: with your story.

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