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Sponsor Tilly

Child’s Name: Tilly M

Child’s Condition: Dyspraxia and Global Delayed Development

Attended Heel & Toe Since: SEN tutoring since 2012 – previously attended CE

Delivered by emergency C section at 34 weeks gestation

Receives: SEN Tutoring

  • Gaining more confidence with her time recognition
  • Can use regrouping to calculate sums correctly
  • Handwriting has improved greatly

Sponsor Tilly

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Tilly’s Story

Tilly suffers from poor balance and coordination, poor social skills, she gets over-emotional and has meltdowns due to her struggles with getting ready, telling the time, fastening laces and riding a bike for example.  She hates sport and exercise but her mam tries her best to encourage Tilly to walk more and participate in dancing.

Tilly does enjoy going to the cinema, reading, and watching TV. She also enjoys her 1:1 sessions with Vicky where they play dominoes and bingo to help Tilly with some aspects of her mathematical struggles. She has gained confidence and seems a lot calmer.

Tilly talks about being a make-up artist, a dental hygienist or working with disabled children when she is older. At the minute though she enjoys having fun in her session with Vicky, and going to fundraising events for Heel and Toe.

Sponsor Tilly