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Sponsor Sam

Child’s Name: Sam W

Child’s D.O.B: 09/04/2015

Child’s Condition: Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: November 2015

Starved of oxygen during labour resulting in brain damage

Receiving: Conductive Ed     SEN Tutoring

Will be starting CE in September 2016

Sponsor Sam W

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Sam’s Story

Sam is still unable to stand without support despite his determination to be up on his feet and away. He can sometimes transfer from lying to sitting independently and this is becoming more frequent as he gets stronger. He is also tube fed and cannot take food/drink orally. As Sam prominently uses his Left side, his parents have to exercise daily with him to get him using his Right side more, stretching across the body and reaching for things to help develop his use of the right side.

Prior to attending Heel and Toe his parents felt that Sam’s physio concentrated more on the regimented milestones according to his chronological age as opposed to what he could achieve with his disability. Since attending Heel and Toe they have found that Sam is always smiling and enjoys his sessions, and they feel that his physiotherapist, Jo, is the best they have ever had, and love how his sessions are tailored to achievable goals for Sam and not what he should be doing by this age.

Sam loves going to the park and playing on the swings and slides, he also loves nature and is fascinated by the world around him, particularly the seasonal changes to trees which seem to fascinate him daily. He also loves books, and noisy toys with flashing lights. During his physiotherapy sessions Sam loves playing with the bubbles and the pop up animal toys that are used to help stimulate him.

Sam is either very smiley or very upset, he does not seem to have a middle ground. He is very fascinated in the world around him, always looking this way and that to try to take in as much as possible. Sam is a very determined little boy who knows what he wants and you can see the concentration on his face with everything he tries to do.

Sponsor Sam