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Project Description

Sponsor Robert

Child’s Name: Robert C

Child’s Condition: Autism, Tight Achilles, and Hypermobility

Attended Heel & Toe Since: January 2015

Receives: SEN Tutoring

  • Hand eye coordination improving
  • Better equipped to plan gross motor movements before executing them
  • Has a better understanding of the alphabet
  • Clear progressions within mathematics

Sponsor Robert

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Robert’s Story

Robert’s autism means he has poor social skills and personal issues so he finds schoolwork and social situations very stressful.  Robert also has hypermobility in some joints, whilst others are very tight and this causes problems with his gross motor skills.

Robert can often be found glued to a computer or his ipad and would love to work with computers when he leaves school. He loves Heel and Toe, the variety of activities he does as well as all the staff. Robert is a very happy and pleasant child, and everyone who meets him comments on how loving and caring he is.

Sponsor Robert