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Sponsor Phoebe

Child’s Name: Phoebe R

Child’s Condition: Epilepsy and Developmental Delay

Attended Heel & Toe Since: 22/07/2008

Receives: Conductive Ed       Physio

Sponsor Phoebe R

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Phoebe’s Story

Phoebe is unable to walk, run, sit or ride her bike now. Her epilepsy is no longer controlled and this has affected her globally. Her low muscle tone and independence has suffered also. She is now confined to her wheelchair.

She enjoys music, computer, football, soft play and at weekends going on the train. Phoebe really enjoys her time at Heel and Toe, and at about mid-week she will start to ask for Nelli and exercises. She loves Nelli and Joanne and the other children she meets there. She especially likes to annoy Lynne on reception by trying to press the keyboard for the computer and constantly asking Lynne ‘what you doing?’  Phoebe would like to be a footballer when she grows up.

Despite her regression, Phoebe is still a little monkey but she is always smiling and laughing and she is very friendly. She loves to be in the company of other children even if she can’t do what they are doing. She tries very hard to do her exercise programmes at heel and toe even when she is tired.

Sponsor Phoebe