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Sponsor Niamh

Child’s Name: Niamh K

Child’s Condition: Ohtahara Syndrome. She is also peg fed.

Attended Heel & Toe Since: May 2012

Delivered by emergency C section, issues noticed straight away by mam, confirmed by doctors at 6 days old. Underwent lots of tests and scans, and MRI and lumbar puncture, and was diagnosed with severe epilepsy at 10 days old.

Receives: Conductive Education

  • Can keep her head in midline whilst lying down
  • Can hold her own head up for 5 seconds whilst in sitting position
  • Is able to grasp small objects for s few seconds before releasing

Sponsor Niamh K

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Niamh’s Story

Niamh’s muscle tone is very poor, and so this affects her daily in every aspect of her life, she is totally dependent on her parents. Niamh has exercises to help with her head control, and her arms and legs due to poor muscle tone.

Niamh enjoys rough and tumble, bouncing, singing and exercises. She loves interacting with other people and she loves to be the centre of attention. She enjoys going to Heel and Toe, interacting with the therapists and the other children in her group session, and she always come out smiling.

Niamh is such a happy little girl who loves attention and is always smiling.

Sponsor Niamh