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Child’s Name: Melody T

Child’s Condition: EDS and DCD

Attended Heel & Toe Since: SEN tutoring since October 2014 – previously attended CE

Receives: SEN Tutoring

  • Balancing skills are very good.
  • Eye-to-feet contact is greatly improving.
  • Has as good cognitive skills and can follow instruction during session to work well as part of a team.
  • Spellings and steadily improving
  • Willingness and ability to read has shown great improvements
  • Can successfully and consistently order the alphabet
  • Can place size ad form letters correctly.

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Melody’s Story

Melody suffers from ma condition called EDS (Ehlors Danlos Syndrome) and this means that she is often in bodily/joint pain and she tires very easily. She is also struggling educationally and socially. Melody accesses hand exercises to strengthen her fingers/hands to aid her writing ability.

At home Melody can be found with her nose in book, or playing on the computer, or even at a dancing class or swimming class. She is a very active girl who enjoys a range of activities.

By attending Heel and Toe Melody has made more friends, is more confident, and has progressed educationally, particularly with her reading ability. She thoroughly enjoys the creative activities she does in her 1:1 sessions with Vicky.