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Child’s Name: Lyra P

Child’s Condition: Rare form of epilepsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: 10/11/2015

Born with a rare type of epilepsy called “Infantile Spasms” which has caused a lot of physical difficulties. Lyra is unable to crawl, walk, or sit unaided etc.

Receives: Conductive Ed      Physiotherapy

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Lyra’s Story

Lyra is unable to walk or talk like her peers and gets frustrated on a daily basis by her limitations and she requires daily muscle stretches to help her. Initially at Heel and Toe there were no other children working alongside Lyra but ones she was joined by Hunter they got on really well and had a lot of affection for each other, now Lyra is best buddies with co-worker Wren and they are adorable together.

Lyra loves playing with her baby sister Maisie and chasing the cat. Her favourite toys are noisy ones (and annoying ones according to Mum!). She likes to empty boxes, and bags of wipes, as well as trying to break through the stair gates to try to climb up.

Heel and Toe has given Lyra lots of confidence and taught her Mum how to make stretching and learning fun! Lyra is super happy when she arrives for her session, squealing the minute they pull into the car park. Lyra has learned to sit up and crawl whilst attending Heel and Toe and she is now cruising and babbling well.

Lyra’s current future ambition is to be able to eat chocolate every day, whilst her Mum would like Lyra to learn to walk and talk.

Lyra is a little superstar.

Sponsor Lyra