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Sponsor Lucy

Child’s Name: Lucy S

Child’s Condition: Ataxic Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: November 2011

2nd twin – born an hour later – she was starved of oxygen. A lumber puncture was also performed at birth. By 18mnth she was still not walking so assessments were carried out diagnosis CP at 2 yr old.

Re3ceives: Conductive Ed       Physio      SALT

  • Better coordination of upper and lower limbs
  • Concentration and persistence is improving
  • Sitting and standing balance are improving

Sponsor Lucy S

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Lucy’s Story

Lucy’s condition affects her balance, and her walking and running abilities. She struggles with her coordination and core stability as well. All exercises are geared towards improving these areas and helping Lucy to be more independent and have more control over her own movements.

Outside of Heel and Toe Lucy loves to go horse riding, trampolining and doing balance exercises. She also goes to a swimming club and would love to swim in the Paralympic Games one day.

At Heel and Toe she has made good friends with her co-buddy Phillip and she loves working with the therapists, getting better and improving in exercises and everyday life. Her confidence has greatly improved, as has her walking and climbing abilities.

Lucy loves taking part in events that help raise funds and awareness of Heel and Toe, including the Junior GNR, GNR and the zipslide.

Sponsor Lucy