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Project Description

Sponsor Liam

Child’s Name: Liam O

Child’s Condition: DCD and SPD

Attended Heel & Toe Since: September 2014

Issues noticed by parents from a young age, on IEP within school but inadequate/insufficient educational support received

Receives: SEN Tutoring

  • Age appropriate reading and comprehension improved
  • Age appropriate spelling improved
  • Handwriting/letter formation and speed greatly improved
  • Confidence boosted
  • Ability in times tables and basic maths improved

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Liam’s Story

Liam has slow processing skills and low working memory. This has a big impact on his learning and often causes stress and anxiety. Heel and Toe have helped him but he still has struggles on a daily basis, however his learning and understanding is improving slowly.

Liam enjoys his 1:1 sessions and has spent a lot of time with Vicky improving his handwriting and this has made a great difference, he also enjoys the variety of subjects and they different ways in which they are delivered.

Outside of Heel and Toe Liam enjoys playing his guitar, playing games on his phone and x box, and drawing and colouring. He would like to be a guitarist or guitar teacher when he is older.

Liam enjoys participating in events that help raise funds and awareness of Heel and Toe and he himself completed the Disability Triathlon in 2015.