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Sponsor Leighton

Child’s Name: Leighton H

Child’s Condition: Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: 14/04/2010

Was delivered by C section at full term but was starved of oxygen, it took  approx. 18 minutes to resuscitate/gain independent breathing

Receives: Conductive Ed

  • Is able to lift and hold head for 30 seconds
  • Can put chin to chest whilst being facilitated into a sitting position
  • Can sit crossed legged with arms in extension at midline, with a small amount of support for rebalancing for up to 3 minutes

Sponsor Leighton

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Leighton’s Story


Leighton was born full term but due to a difficult birth was starved of oxygen for around 18 minutes. He was taken straight to the Special Care Baby Unit and stayed there for 6 weeks. We found out he had cerebral palsy when Leighton was 6 months old.

We found out about Heel & Toe from another parent who attends, at one of the Mother and toddler groups we went to. Leighton started his Conductive Education sessions at Heel & Toe Charity when he was 11 months old. From the sessions we noticed Leighton had gained so much strength and was able to handle toys, kick a ball and even take his own steps, something we were told he may never be able to do. Because of the therapy we have also been able to take him off his medication which helped to soften his muscles as they are very supple now. The therapy sessions also help with Leighton’s communication and social skills. He has a great relationship with the therapists and thanks to Heel & Toe is a happier more sociable little boy.

Kayleigh Henderson – Leighton’s Mum

Sponsor Leighton