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Katy’s Story

Katy is unable to walk or stand unaided.  However since she was little she has worked hard with daily stretching and strengthening exercises, she uses a Kaye walker to get around and uses tripod sticks for shorter distances around school and home. She still uses her wheelchair especially for longer distances.

Katy uses gaiters to stretch her legs and wears splints every day for support in walking. She has endured Botox injections in her muscles, along with serial castings each time.  Katy was able to have SDR in the UK which cuts through the nerves in the spine that cause spasticity. This was in April 2015, spending 6 weeks in Leeds Children’s hospital, followed by intensive Physiotherapy, then daily physio at both home and school once she came home. She then had a setback in January 2016, whilst having her muscles lengthened and surgery on her knees, with a decline in her mobility and making it difficult with her standing and moving, she has worked really hard to build these damaged and weakened muscles and is hoping to get back to where she was before all this surgery, and beyond.  Throughout all this Katy always has a smile on her face and shows such determination and courage in her daily life.  Katy is still amazed how people can just get up and walk and how do they do it, and worries when she sees little children in case they fall over.

Katy loves going to school and being with her friends. Outside of school Katy loves swimming and has gained many certificates including her 800 & 1000 metre ones. Katy loves acting and has performed in her school plays, including one main role with a solo singing part and she has recently joined a local drama group.

Katy enjoys her sessions at Heel and Toe and gets on really well with her Conductor Kristina, saying she is very kind and understanding, but still pushes her hard.

Katy has many dreams for her future and hope to do well at school and go to college and then university and would love to be a children’s nurse.

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