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Sponsor Joseph

Child’s Name: Joseph W

Child’s Condition: Occular-Motor Apraxia, Nystagmus, and Hydrocephalus

Attended Heel & Toe Since: April 2012

Joseph is a twin and at 34 weeks gestation it was noticed that he was suffering from hydrocephalus.

Receives: Conductive Ed       Physio

Sponsor Joseph W

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Joseph’s Story

Joseph disability predominantly affects his mobility and his communication skills. He requires lots of daily stretches to help his legs and his core strength. He thrives on all of the activities offered at Heel and Toe and on the achievements he has made. He is a definite ladies man and enjoys working with and chatting to all of the therapists. At home he enjoys watching TV and playing on his ipad. His family life is quite busy and they all enjoying being out and about exploring the outdoors and horse riding. Joseph has many friends both at the special school he attends, as well as at the mainstream school he attends once a week along with his twin sister.

Heel and Toe have helped Joseph to be able to try new things and they provide encouragement and confidence in what Joseph can do. Prior to Heel and Toe the family feel as though they were never given any positives or encouragement towards Joseph’s needs and abilities.  In 2015 Joseph underwent major surgery that was both brutal and painful. With the help of the team at Heel and Toe the surgery has proved a success and Joseph has made lots of progress since. The family are very grateful for all the help and support offered at Heel and Toe.

Sponsor Joseph