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Sponsor Jay T

Child’s Name: Jay T

Child’s Condition:  Jay was born at 27 weeks gestation, weighing 2lb 3oz. He was born jaundiced, and required incubation, oxygen, a blood transfusion and to be tube fed. He was allowed home when he reached 3 months old. He was diagnosed at 2 yr old as having cerebral palsy and co-morbid Autism.

Attended Heel & Toe Since: 2017

Receives: Conductive Education

Sponsor Jay T

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Jay’s Story

To assist with his balance and walking ability, Jay uses a wheel chair and a walking frame, as well as wearing a protective helmet and AFO splints. He requires daily stretching and plenty of walking to keep up his mobility.

Jay enjoys playing on the computer and swimming, and loves to try his hand at football. He dislikes sudden loud noises and really hates animals/animal fur.

Sponsor Jay