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Sponsor James

Child’s Name: James F

Child’s Condition:  Masa Syndrome

Attended Heel & Toe Since: November 2012

Was born with hand deformities but Dr’s did not know what was wrong, was not diagnosed until aged 3 years.

Receives: Conductive Ed

  • Balance has improved
  • Weight bearing has improved
  • Can crouch down
  • Can remove own shoes independently

Sponsor James F

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James’s Story

Meet James. Along with his brother, Harry, James loves completing Conductive Education Therapy. The pair are inseparable. While Harry is cheeky and mischievous, James is kind and loving and he is affected by mobility issues, as well as learning difficulties.

However, this has not stopped him attending weekly sessions (every Wednesday) and becoming more independent and confident. This is a considerable difference as to what life was like for James before Heel & Toe, as he was in a lot more pain and was not as flexible as he is now.

Through fun and interactive sessions, as well as exercises and seeing the conductors taking part in fun games, James is working on being able to pick things up, as well as taking part in core strength exercises that will increase his independence. All of us here at Hel & Toe know he will be able to achieve it!

Sponsor James