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Project Description

Sponsor Hooriya

Child’s Name: Hooriya

Child’s Condition:  General global development delay, Hereditary Retinal dystrophy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: attending CE since September 2015

Due to a difficult labour, Hooriya got stuck and during delivery her left shoulder had too much pressure applied causing Erbs Palsy, continued issues and lots of tests later lead to a diagnosis of global delayed development. Hooriya also has hereditary retinal dystrophy.

She has previously attended Physio with H&T

Receives: Conductive Ed

Sponsor Hooriya

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Hooriya’s Story

Hooriya is fully dependent on others and suffers from low muscle tone. She requires regular exercises in order to help her to be more mobile.

Since joining Heel and Toe and participating in Conductive Education Therapy we have seen a massive difference in Hooriya’s mobility, she is also more vocal. She enjoys the sensory room and working with the staff, and always looks forward to her sessions each week. The staff are brilliant and want to see the children succeed, reaching their full potential.

Hooriya enjoys being introduced to new things and being able to join in where she can, and socialising with other children.

Sponsor Hooriya