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Project Description

Sponsor Evie

Child’s Name: Evie W

Child’s Condition: 4 Limb Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: February 2014

Normal delivery but started fitting at 6 hours old, diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy eventually made

Receives: Conductive Ed       Physio      SALT

  • able to lift arms above head while keep her trunk straight in crossed-legs sitting.
  • able to control his trunk position in sitting and standing position as well.
  • able to bend knees and step forwards if appropriate weight baring is supported manually.

Sponsor Evie

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Evie’s Story

Say ‘Hello’ to Evie. Evie has Cerebral palsy and it affects all four of her limbs. Because of it, Evie cannot talk, feed or complete daily tasks that other children can accomplish with ease.

Five years ago, before Heel & Toe, Evie was unable to stand, balance herself and had very little coordination. Now, with the aid of daily physiotherapy sessions and stretches, Evie can achieve all of these things, as well as taking part in Conductive Education Therapy, where she has made plenty of friends, including Gaby.

With Heel & Toe, Evie has been able to take part in the Disability Triathlon and observed her mum, uncle and cousin all taking part in a sky dive.

Evie’s family say that, since joining Heel & Toe, Evie has come on in leaps and bounds. ‘There is no stopping her.’ This is easy to see when Evie did not like the physiotherapy sessions at first, but now claims they are her favourite thing about Heel & Toe Children’s Charity. She particularly enjoys it when Sarah encourages Evie to walk by giving her water to splash her hands in. Evie achieves this every time.

In her spare time, Evie loves to visit the cinema, the beach and the swimming baths. She says that her number one goal for the future is to walk and she is well on her way to achieving it!

Sponsor Evie