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Sponsor Ethan

Child’s Name: Ethan L

Child’s Condition:  Pulmonary stenosis VSD, Hypermobility

Attended Heel & Toe Since: September 2014

Ethan was a ‘blue baby’ when  born, no problems noticed on day one, but on day two he was found to have low SATs and transferred to SCBU – was later discovered he had transposition of the arteries, CHD, and VSD. He was also very late at reaching his milestones as a result.

Receives: Conductive Ed

Sponsor Ethan L

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Ethan’s Story

Ethan’s disability has meant that he has problems with his legs and his balance; he struggles to keep up with his peers; he falls over a lot and greatly struggles with walking long distances.

His parents were given a home exercise plan from the NHS physio along with an exercise ball however they did not find these useful. They instead brought Ethan to Heel and Toe where they have seen him grow in confidence; gain a better posture and balance; he self corrects his sitting position now and does not feel out of place as the group he works in are all of similar abilities. He has also had a marked improvement in his handwriting as well as being more willing to participate in activities now.

Ethan really enjoys running around the playground with his friends at school however he can get quite frustrated when he cannot do some of the things that they can. He wants to be able to ride a bike and a scooter and keep up with his friends. He is always improving though, and can now ride a 3 wheel scooter independently.

Ethan also enjoys playing on his computer and singing. He has expressed he wants to be a popstar when he is older.  He is even learning how to play the guitar through school.

Ethan is definitely the comedian and chatterbox of the group, with a mischievous nature.

Sponsor Ethan