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Project Description

Sponsor Esme

Child’s Name: Esme M

Child’s Condition: 4 Limb Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: April 2012

Delivered by emergency C section after mother felt decreased movements, Esme was operated on at 9hours old due to brain abnormalities, and kept ventilated until 9 weeks old, when she also received a blood transfusion as a result of multi organ failure. Diagnosed at 5 month old with 4 Limb CP

Receives: Conductive Ed

  • Can flex and extend legs independently
  • Can maintain head in midline for 40seconds when in supine
  • During practicing assisted rolling she is able to turn her hand, and bring her upper arm to the front independently.
  • Can maintain her hold on a toy for the count of 5.

Esme’s Story

Esme needs assistance 24/7 for all daily living as she is unable to walk or talk. Esme was 5 months old when her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy was confirmed and she was 6 months when she began at Heel and Toe so not a lot of time between learning about Cerebral Palsy and finding Conductive Education.  Her parents didn’t have any knowledge on the importance of exercises and stretches for Cerebral Palsy children so gained a lot of help and advice from staff and other parents at Heel and Toe, and were educated on the important of these in helping prevent muscles and joints ceasing up. The exercises carried out at Heel and Toe have been essential in her gaining of strength and maintaining her motability.

During Heel and Toe Esme enjoys time in the sensory room and all the songs and rhymes sung while doing stretches and exercises. Esme’s first steps were a massive achievement and then her continued stubbornness in refusing to step despite the HUGE efforts, songs and encouragement from the conductors!! Outside of H&T Esme loves swimming and music.

Despite the extremely difficult start in life, numerous operations and constant battle with cyclic sickness episodes Esme still has a lot of determination (sometimes not in our favour) and an amazing smile with an infectious giggle! She has a lovely, gentle and calm nature of which the conductors have found fortunate in helping calm Esme down a lot in her moments of rage!! They are extremely patient with her. Esme loves all the songs sung by the conductors – even the Hungarian ones.


Esme was born with a condition called TOFF and was in intensive care for 9 weeks. We found out she had cerebral palsy when she was 6 months old and we’ve been coming to Heel & Toe since then.

The conductive education has helped Esme’s condition improve and she’s gained lots of strength from the exercises we do. Her head control is much better, she can nearly sit unaided and she has recently made a few steps alone. As well as providing a fantastic service the conductors have taught me important skills and exercises to do at home. We really couldn’t have managed without their help and support. Thank you to Heel & Toe.

Gill (Mother of Esme).

Sponsor Esme