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Sponsor Daniel

Child’s Name: Daniel C

Child’s Condition: Cerebral Palsy

Attended Heel & Toe Since: 20/09/2011

Daniel was born 12 weeks premature, was placed in an incubator and tube fed at birth.

Receives – Conductive Ed

Sponsor Daniel C

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Daniel’s Story

Because of his disability, Daniel is very dependent on other people and faces problems going out to places, for their insufficient toilet facilities or lack of ramps

Before Heel & Toe, Daniel could not hold a cup and he was not provided with a sufficient amount of physiotherapy.

Heel & Toe has allowed Daniel to become more confident and, with the support of the staff, he now has more dexterity and enjoys the exercises the charity provides, the exercises Daniel needs to make his disability bearable.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gaming, watching DVDs and attending concerts, plays and the cinema. He takes pride in representing Heel & Toe Children’s Charity and, for the future, Daniel aims to be more mobile and independent, achieving his goals at college.

Sponsor Daniel