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Sponsor Alumbeni

Child’s Name: Alumbeni

Child’s Condition: Severe Learning Difficulties

Attended Heel & Toe Since: SEN since September 2013

He has previously also attended CE.

Born at 29 weeks and spent 3.5 months in hospital. Did not reach milestones age appropriately due to a lot of medical issues, was subsequently diagnosed severe learning difficulties at age 3 year.

Receives: SEN Tutoring

  • Is starting to recognise more words on sight
  • Is able to sound blend CVC words

Sponsor Alumbeni

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Alumbeni’s Story

Meet Alumbeni. He enjoys taking part in many sporting activities. His favourites include swimming, karate, football and kayaking.

Not only does he benefit from the physical aspect – gaining crucial exercise and gaining upper body muscle – Alumbeni and his family have identified a great improvement in his conversational skills, demonstrating a never-before seen confidence. This is due, in no small part, to the sessions he enjoys with Victoria – Alumbeni beams that this is his favourite aspect of Heel & Toe!

Alumbeni has a disability that affects his walking, his speech and his posture, but that has not stopped him from achieving Silver Level in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is through his association with the award scheme and the Scouts that Alumbeni has made the most friends. He is looking forward to a future where he works with animals.

Sponsor Alumbeni