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Book An Assessment

Apply for an assessment by completing the form below, we will then contact you to organise an assessment which will be held at our Therapy Centre in Pelton (just outside of Durham) where we have free private parking and a safe assessment environment.

You will have the opportunity to look around our therapy centre, meet the therapists and often meet some of the current children and parents we currently work with.

The assessment will take around 1 hour and is undertaken by our trained therapist who will create a written report that will outline the recommended therapies and next stages of the process.

You will find out the results of the assessment on the day and the written report will be sent to you by post. Your child may be eligible to free Conductive Education or subsidised therapies. We also work with you to subsidise the full amount of your child’s therapy, meaning all services and therapies can be 100% free for your child.

Assessment Fees

Conductive Education Assessment: FREE

SEN Tutoring Assessment: £25 (£10 H&T contribution, £15 family contribution)

Speech and Language Assessment: £90 (£30 H&T contribution, £60 family contribution)

Physiotherapy Assessment: £90 (£30 H&T contribution, £60 family contribution)

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